The Benefits of Enrolling In Multiple Dance Classes

January 20, 2018 - 7 minutes read

Your child is interested in dance, so you enrolled him or her in a dance class. Great, but what happens when your child starts to express interest in studying an additional style of dance? There’s no reason to say no to your child, as this can only be of benefit for him or her. In this blog, we will look at a handful of those benefits, showing you how studying multiple styles of dance at Vibe Dance Studio can help your child. Let’s get into it.

Variety is Key

Surely, your child enjoys dance and has chosen a specific style to be his or her entryway into the artform, but who’s to say that this interest needs to stop there? From ballet classes to hip hop dance classes, Vibe Dance Studio offers a wide variety of dance classes for kids with a wide variety of tastes. As we’ve written about before, dance classes for kids come with many benefits, including exposure to different cultures and different sorts of dance. While your child may be enrolled in a hip hop dance class right now, he or she may have friends who are enrolled in ballet, or see students in our jazz dance classes and become interested in styles outside of the class that he or she is taking. If they’re interested in a wide variety of dance styles, there’s no reason to deny your child the possibility of exploring his or her full potential.

Prepare For the Future

We offer classes for students of all ages at Vibe, starting as low as age two. We are proud to offer courses for students as old as age 18, and we find it to be the most beneficial for students who start as young as possible and continue until adulthood, as it provides them with a fully rounded and extensive knowledge of the art of dance. With this in mind, if your child is expressing an interest in dance that could continue well into his or her future, enrolling your child in multiple classes here at Vibe Dance Studio can help get him or her to the next level. If your child is in middle or high school and is considering a future as a professional dancer, having skills and training in a wide variety of dance styles will be beneficial to your child in a variety of ways. Firstly, it will give your child an advantage over the other students who may have only focused on one style of dance. Additionally, it will allow him or her to develop and pick up new skills much quicker than those students.

Figure Out Their Strengths

Being a skilled dancer takes a fair amount of work and dedication. Much like how artists have their specific mediums in which they choose to create, or musicians play specific instruments or styles of music, dancers usually have specific styles of dance that they focus on or specialize in. Just because someone is a skilled ballet dancer doesn’t necessarily mean that the same person is equally as skilled in the field of hip hop dance, and vice versa. With this in mind, by enrolling your child in multiple dance classes, not only will your child be able to better determine what his or her strengths are, he or she may very well find one style more enjoyable over the other. All styles of dance are different, and require different sorts of movements, so where one style may suit your child well, another may not so much. The only way to find out is to take as many dance classes as possible, so as to help your kiddo decide which one he or she enjoys the most.

Practice Is Always Beneficial

At the end of the day, everyone started off as a beginner, and the only way that anyone was able to grow into being a seasoned dancer was by doing it as often as possible. While yes, your child may not be a master of every dance style, allowing him or her to study and explore multiple styles of dance will be beneficial in the end, as practice makes perfect. While your kiddo may especially excel in one particular style, the practice he or she gets from practicing one style may come in handy when doing another. Furthermore, studying multiple styles of dance will keep your child in shape and always on top of whatever new lessons that he or she is learning.

Those are just a few reasons as to how enrolling your child in multiple dance classes can be of benefit to your child. Vibe Dance Studio is proud to serve Everett with a wide variety of dance classes for kids, from hip hop dance classes to jazz to ballet to a handful of others. Whether your child is enamoured with the grace and subtlety of ballet or the active and stylish moves of hip hop, Vibe Dance Studio is here to help him or her turn those interests into skills. To find out more information about our Everett dance studio, contact us today.

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