Move It : The Benefits of Dance On Your Child

September 5, 2017 - 5 minutes read

Here at Vibe Dance Studio, we love dance, and why wouldn’t we? While some may see dance as simply being a fun way to spend a Saturday night, there’s far more to this amazing art form than one may realize. Here at Vibe Dance Studio, we encourage you to enroll your child in our dance classes as young as possible, as the benefits to doing so are plentiful. In this blog, we will examine just a few of the benefits that attending dance classes can have on your child. Contact us today to help us determine which dance classes are best for your child!

Physical Fitness

The most obvious benefits to enrolling your child in dance class are those of a physical nature. Physical activity and exercise are always beneficial and promote a healthy lifestyle, but they are especially beneficial to developing children and adolescents. Dance is a fantastic alternative for kids who may not consider themselves to be athletically gifted, as dance regular instruction benefits the heart and lungs, muscles, bones and many other parts of the body. For the kids who may not want to exercise, dance classes can be a fun alternative to a more athletic-based workout.


Dance, like other fine arts, is a specialized art form. Being able to attend a weekly dance class with other students that have the same interests as them can be a great way to get your child to socialize, especially if they are having a harder time doing so amongst their peers in school. If they start at a young enough age, they can potentially form bonds with other students that can last for years to come. For some students, it can serve as the catalyst that gives them the confidence to break out of their shell and become a more sociable person overall.

Planning for the Future

Here at Vibe Dance Studio, we always encourage you to enroll your child as young as possible. While developing minds are easier to teach to, a student who stays enrolled in dance classes is one who could potentially go on to have a career in the field in one way or another. Our owner Stephanie Zurinksy started dancing at the age of three; by 16 she was teaching her own classes. She has gone on to work for Walt Disney Company, choreograph full length musicals and study with award winning dancers. With the proper instruction, there’s no reason why your child couldn’t go on to succeed in a similar fashion.

Express Yourself

As we stated earlier, dance is a specialized art form, and like painting a picture, playing an instrument or writing poetry, many who practice this art form put so much of themselves into it. It is this art form that helps them make sense of the world and express themselves in a way that they couldn’t otherwise. Being part of a team of people who express themselves similarly can give a student a sense of place and belonging that they may not have otherwise, and it is connections like these that make studying dance absolutely invaluable.

Exposure to New Cultures

Being enrolled in dance classes will also broaden your child’s worldview. Studying various forms of dance will expose your child to the artforms of different cultures, which will help them see that there is a world that extends far past their backyard. Opening them up to new cultures in turn makes them more tolerant and accepting of others; an incredibly strong trait for anyone to have.

So there you go-just a small handful of benefits that dance classes can have on your child. Whether they’re studying hip hop, ballet, tap dancing or otherwise, enrolling in dance will certainly enrich your child’s life in more ways than one. Contact for more information on how to get your child started today!

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