JaronBreakdance Classes

Are you ready for a fun challenge? Breakdance is based loosely from hip-hop dance and it’s music. Common breakdance movements the students learn are the 6-step, 4-step and toprock. The 6-step helps provide a base from which other moves are performed. Many skills are performed on the floor and include intricate movements, body contortion, acrobatics. After grasping the basics students progress to study more complex skills like freezes (holding a movement for a moment or two). Along with all the floor work, popping and locking are introduced. As they advance, students will learn power moves such as The Windmill, Headspins and Flares. There is much leeway for dancers to create their own style and skills once they pick up the basics of breakdance. When students have mastered the basics our Breakdance instructor helps give dancers the skills they need to be successful at create their own movement style. Bboy/Bgirl battles are a way for dancers to show their confidence in their freestyle. This class is taught in a safe and effective manner in which the instructor breaks down skills and runs drills to help instill proper technique and muscle memory.

Breakdance is offered to ages 8 and up. While this fun and challenging class requires no previous skills, basic tumbling skills and a “no fear” attitude greatly help break dancers. Many of our students take Tumbling class in conjunction with Breakdance to help master their breakdance skills more quickly.

Breakdance Class Schedule

  • Wednesdays from 8:00-9:00 p.m.

Breakdance Faculty

  • Jaron Laquian