Everyday Preparation for Dance Class

December 13, 2017 - 4 minutes read

Vibe Dance Studios aims to provide the greater Seattle area with top-notch dance instruction classes for kids, starting as young as two all the way up to the high school years. From hip hop dance classes to ballet classes to fitness and pilates classes, we provide the students of Everett with a wide variety of instruction for kids with diverse tastes and interests. For more information about our dance classes for kids, contact us at Vibe Dance Studio today!

Though we offer dance classes for students of all skill levels, warming up is something that even the most experienced of dancers do before hitting the dance floor or studio. While warming up is a big part of all of our classes, there’s never such a thing as being too prepared. In this blog, we will look at a few quick and easy ways to help your child prepare for your dance class, whether they’re just getting started or closing in on a decade of dance. Let’s go!

Don’t Go Hungry

Being hungry will not only provide a notable distraction to learning, it will also make your child have far less energy than if they had eaten before class. Sometimes, convenience is a priority, but in situations like this, try to avoid eating sugary and/or high fat snacks like cookies, chips, and candy bars. While these snacks will tide your child over from being hungry, they provide little nutrition and can also cause cramping. Stick with things of a more natural variety, like nuts, fruit, cheese, and crackers or hummus. Not only will these foods provide your child with adequate sustenance, they will give him or her plenty of energy without being weighed down.

Do a Quick Warm Up

While we will do a more extensive warm up in class, as we mentioned earlier, there’s no such thing as being too prepared. The more warmed up your child is, the easier the workout will be for them. Do some stretches before coming to class, or maybe go for a quick run or do some jumping jacks. All of these things will get the blood flowing and the limbs warmed up and ready to dance.

Recall The Previous Lesson

While this step may not apply to people showing up for their first class (first time dancers, head to this blog for guidance), spending a few minutes to recall what was taught last week is a great way to prepare for the next lesson. Having your child take a few notes after every lesson to recall what was taught is a great way to help them refresh for the upcoming lesson. If they are too young to be able to do this on their own, keeping tabs on your child’s weekly lessons can allow you to do this for them. Recalling what was taught in the previous week is a great way to know what will be built upon in the current week.

Those are just a few ways that you can prepare for class each week here at Vibe Dance Studios. We are committed to providing the students of Everett with high-quality dance instruction, be it hip hop dance classes, ballet, tap, jazz, or otherwise. We offer a wide variety of courses that are sure to please even the pickiest of young dancers. For more information about our dance classes for kids or to sign up, contact Vibe Dance Studios today!

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