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Yoga for dancers is a fun Vinyasa style yoga class which integrates techniques, transitions, elements of fluidity and style used within a dancer’s foundational practice. This class is not only designed to strengthen dancer’s bodies, but to also help find the connection between movement and breath. In addition to the focus of correct alignment within the yoga postures, students will also learn to move gracefully through transitions, the “in-betweens,” moving from one pose to another. With breath, movement, and flow connection, Vinyasa style yoga almost becomes “dance-like” in it’s practice. Ultimately, dancers will gain more breath and body connection, balance, coordination, core, strength, endurance, flexibility, and hopefully, a greater understanding of their own bodies. Dancers use the greater understanding of their bodies learned in Yoga in their technique practice. Yoga is great cross-training for any athlete. Regular yoga practice can help the dancer understand the placement of their body and engage proper muscles. Along with the physical benefits, yoga contributes mental benefits to the body. Yoga has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve resilience. The connection of movement and breath helps relax and re-energize the mind. During the class, the instructor will use standing, seated, lying, back bending and balancing postures. The teacher will help guide her students to safely move in and out of each movement.

Come see how great yoga will make you feel! Yoga is offered to ages 10 and up. Feel free to bring your own yoga mat to class!