Hip Hop Classes

Hip Hop
This 45 to 60-minute class follows current trends seen in movies, music videos, and television. Come prepared for high-energy, non-stop movement that will make you work up a sweat! Dancer’s develop coordination and musicality through the incorporation of popping and locking elements, isolations, and freestyle movement. Hip Hop’s style is constantly changing and gives students the opportunity to develop their own style.

Each class begins with warm-up exercises that will increase the students stamina and flexibility while teaching technique. Conditioning exercises are used to increase both upper and lower body strength. Both center and across the floor combinations are employed to teach choreography and improve technique. In advanced levels, students may work on improvisation as a way to create their own style and movements. As our students advance, higher levels of attention to detail, complex sequencing and use of intricate rhythms in movement are applied to the class. Movement is also taught at a faster pace. This better prepares our students for the rigors of auditioning and professional level jobs. The increasing importance of stage presence is not lost on our instructors and our focus does not solely lay in technique. Our hip hop faculty encourage the use of stage presence during class as a way to teach students to connect with the audience and as a means of personal expression.

Vibe offers many levels of Hip Hop along with a Boys’ Hip Hop class. Students are placed based on age, experience and ability. Hip Hop classes are offered to students age 4 and older.